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Words and Music by Andy Park

One Thing I Ask

G           D/F# Em          Bm/D
One thing I ask, one thing I seek
C           G             C        D    C/D  D
that I may dwell in your house, O Lord
G         D/F#  Em        Bm/D
all of my days, all of my life
C          Dsus D    G
that I may see you, Lord.

     Em     C
One thing I ask
     Em      C
One thing I desire
       G       C/G
is to see you,
       G       C/G
is to see you,
is to see you.

G          D/F#  Em             Bm/D
Hear me, O Lord, hear me when I cry
C             G         C        D  C/D  D
Lord, do not hide your face from me
G                D/F#  Em                Bm/D
You have been my help, you have been my shield
C            Dsus D  G
And you will lift me up.

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