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From: "M Campbell" 
Performer: Morris Campbell of countrytymes band 
Words & music: Govenor Jimmy Davis and Dottie Rambo & copyright 1966 by Jimmy Davis Music Co  

One More Valley One More Hill

(D) When I'm tossed on life sea and the (G) the waves cover me 
and (D) a dark cloud won't let the sun shine (A) thru   
Then a (D) voice seem to say 
child  there'll (G) be a brighter day  
it (D) all will be (A) over after a (D) while.

(D) 'Cause you've got one more valley one more hill 
and you've  got one more trial 
one more (A)tear one more (D) curve in life's road 
just about a (G)mile left to go
and you can lay (A) down your heavy load when you get (D)home

(D) Don't  let Satan see your fears turn your (G)smile in to tears 
hold your (D) head up high and give the world a (A) smile 
just be (D) faithful all the way 
it will be (G)worth it all someday 
and it (D)all will be (A)over after a (D) while

repeat chorus