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Words and music: Bud Chambers

One More River to Cross

I've had a lot of troubles and trials in my little life span
         C                                                    G
When I'm standing alone and the fire gets hot I do the best I can
G                                                   Em
I must’ve crossed a million valleys; must’ve shed a million tears
           G                    Em
But when I come to the river of Jordan, Hallelujah
C                 G
Then I'll have no fear

One more river to cross; One more mountain to climb
C                                                            G
One more valley that I gotta go through leaving my troubles behind
G                                                      Em
One more battle with the devil then I know he'll understand
     G                 Em
I'm going through with Jesus Hallelujah
C                          G     C                          G
Holding to His nail scared hand; Holding to His nail scared hand

I’ve had a lot of people talking about me since I walk this narrow way
C                                                     G
Just another little valley that I came through when I prayed
G                                                             Em
Climbed a lot of high mountains and I crossed a lot of little streams
           G              Em
But when I see ole Jordan cold and dark
        C               G
That'll be the last for me