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Performer: Jaci Velasquez
Album: Heavenly Place
written by: David Mullen, Nicole Coleman-Mullen, and Michael Ochs
tab by Scott Shaw
(c)1996 Longitude Music Co.

On My Knees

Verse 1
A                     F#m
There are days, when I feel
     D                   E
The best of me, is ready to begin
A                         F#m
Then there's days, when I feel
     D                   E             /F   F#m
I'm letting go, and soaring on the wind
                              A/C#               D
Cause I've learned in laughter and in pain
How to survive

D     E       F#m
I get on my knees
D     E        A
I get on my knees
F#m    E       A
There I am before the love
That changes me
     Bm               A/C#
See I don't know how
                D                     E        A
But there's power when I'm on my knees

Verse 2
A           F#m
I can be, in a crowd
    D              E
Or by myself, almost anywhere
A                F#m
When I feel, there's a need
    D                           E     /F  F#m
To talk with God, he is Emanuel
                         A/C#                    D
When I close my eyes no darnkess there
There's only light

Repeat chorus


Bm             A/C#               D                E
I don't know how but there's power in the blue skies
Bm  A/C#  D        E
                 In the midnight
Bm  A/C#  D            E        A
                When I'm on my knees