PcmH`t) T5(%UAn|d%}#=yp2&F-~z2V3X ?D ̑ ptx @<Xh .ameNameMicrosoft-Windows-aero_ssersVersion.6.0.6000.16386blPublicKeyTokenbf31bf3856ad364e35ProcessorArchitecture86ex86sVersionScopeNonSxS } resources\themes\aero\shell  give to the [G7] Lord [G9] your [C/F] life [C] a - new. My [Gm7] friend, make your [C13/7] choice; [C7] He [F6] waits for you, For [Am7] this is the [D13/7] moment of [G7/3sus] truth [G7]. Chorus: NOW [Dm7] WALK [Db7] WITH [C] GOD and [Em] He will [C#aug] be your [Dm] dearest Friend, [Fm6] Wherever you [G7] go, in [Dm7] every- [Em/G] thing [G7] you [C] do. And [Dm7] may [Abaug] your [Gm7] life re- [C7] flect His [Gm7] love [C7] to [F] every- [F6] one. [Am6/F#] NOW [D#aug] WALK WITH [C/G] GOD [C#aug] and [Dm] He [Dm7] will [Dm7/G] walk [G7] with [C] you. Copyright 1969 by Lillenas Publishing Co. All rights reserved. Home