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Words and music: Oscar C. Eliason
From: Guitar Picker -
Got Any Rivers

Be of good courage God spoke unto Joshua

When o'er the river God pointed the way

Jordan uncrossable, things seemed impossible

Waters divide as they march and obey


D                  G          D
Got any rivers you think are uncrossable?
D                     E            A
Got any mountains you canít tunnel through?
D                  G              D
God specialises in things thought impossible
D                     A             D
And does the things that others cannot do.

Battles to win they would meet with their obstacles

Jericho's walls too must, fall to the ground

God never failed He stood back of his promises

Walls had to crumble as they marched around


God is the same and His Word is dependable

He'll make a way through the water's for you

Life's situations by Him are amendable

Mountains and Hills He will part for you too