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Words and music: Charlotte Gaus

God Spoke

Tempo - Fast [play in Eb or Capo 1st fret using the key of D]

Intro: Optional [None or use a short to long I -IV - V sequence]

God spoke to [Eb]Adam in the Garden of [Bb7]Eden,

And He said to [Fm7]him,

[Bb7]"You can live for[Eb]ev[Ab]er.

[Eb]Don't eat the [Bbm7]fruit of the tree of

[Eb7]life in the middle of the [Ab]garden."

But the devil said, [Eb]'Do," and he ate the [Bb7]fruit.

Should have listened to the [Eb]Lord.[Ab]


[Eb]God spoke to [Bb7]him like He speaks to all of us,

and we'd [Eb]all be better [Bb7]off if we'd listen to -----


what He has to [Eb]say. [Ab] [Eb]

Verse 2
God spoke to Noah 'bout the Flood He was
goin' to send, Told Him build an ark,
Gopher wood and pitch blend.  "Fill it up with
food and two of each creature that roams the
earth."  _________Noah did just that and he
lived to tell the tale, 'Cause he listened to the Lord.

Verse 3
God spoke to Abraham 'bouta beautiful
promised land,  And He said to him,
"You're the one I've chosen.  Go west to
Canaan and build a country and a family
raise."_______So Abraham went and he
did real well, 'Cause he listened to the Lord.

Verse 4
God spoke to David while he tended his
father's sheep, And He sez to him,
"Gonna make you a mighty king."  David went to
battle and he slew Goliath with a tiny
stone,______And he wrote some psalms and he
did great things 'Cause he listened to the Lord.

Verse 5
God spoke to Daniel as he sat in the
lion's den, And He said to him,
"I'm going to save you."  God touched the
jaws of the lions and they all began to
purr,______So Daniel was delivered and he
wasn't afraid, 'Cause he listened to the Lord.

Verse 6
God spoke to Jonah 'bout a sermon He
wanted preached.  Jonah said, "But, God,
I don't want to do this thing."  God sent a
storm and a whale swallowed Jonah till he said, "I'll
go!"_______So he went to Nineveh and
preached God's word, he listened to the Lord.

Verse 7
God spoke to Joshua, sent him up to
Jericho  To fight a battle
for the children of Israel.  "Go, blow your
horn and stomp on the ground all around that
town!"______  So Joshua did and the
walls fell down,  'Cause he listened to the Lord.