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Words and music: James McGranham

Go Ye Into All the World

A                                  E
Far, far away, in sin and darkness dwelling
                      A       B7 E
Millions of souls forever may be lost
A                                   E
Who, who will go, salvation’s story telling
           A      D       A   E7  A
Looking to Jesus, minding not the cost

 A            D
“All power is given unto me
B         B7   E
All power is given unto me
           A                        E   D  A
Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel
E       D    A    E   E7  A
And lo, I am with you always”

See o’er the world wide open doors inviting
Soldiers of Christ arise and enter in
Christians awake, your forces all uniting
Send forth the gospel, break the chains of sin


“Why will ye die?” the voice of God is calling
“Why will ye die?” re-echo in His name
Jesus hath died to save from death appalling
Life and salvation therefore go proclaim


God speed the day, when the throne of every nation
“Glory to God!” triumphantly shall sing
Ransomed, redeemed, rejoicing in salvation
Shout hallelujah, for the Lord God is King