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submitted by:Ryan Sprinkle
Performer: John Michael Talbot
Album:Meditations in the Spirit

Go in Peace (Canticle of Simeon) 

[D]Now let your[G]servant go in[A]peace,
[Bm]Your word has been[G]fulfilled,
[D]Now let your[G]servant go in[A]peace,
[D]In the glory of Israel.

[D]My eyes have seen[G]salvation,
[A]Which you surely have pre[D]pared,
In the sight of every[G]people of[A]earth,
A light to the[D]nations.


[D]This child is[G]destined,
[A]For the downfall and[D]rise,
Of many children of[G]Israel,
This[A]child is contradiction's[D]sign.

[D]And you yourself shall be[G]pierced
Through the heart[A]as with a[D]sword,
That the thoughts and hearts of[G]many on[A]earth
Shall surely be ex[D]posed.


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