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Go Down Moses

      Gm  D7     Gm
When Israel was in Egypt’s land
       D7      Gm
Let my people go.
                      Gm6        Eb7
Oppressed so hard they could not stand
Gm     D7     Gm
Let my people go.

         C   Cm
Go down, Moses,
 Gm  D7	     Gm
Way down in Egypt’s land
 C7      Eb7
Tell ol’ Pharaoh
  Gm    D7     Gm
"Let my people go."

Thus saith the Lord, bold Moses said;
If not I’ll spite your firstborn dead.

No more shall they in bondage toil;
Let them come out with Egypt’s spoil.

The Lord told Moses what to do;
To lead the Hebrew children through.

O come along Moses, you’ll not get lost;
Stretch out your rod and come across;

As Israel stood by the waterside;
At God’s command it will divide.

When they reached the other shore;
They sang a song of triumph o’er.

Pharaoh said he’d go across;
But Pharaoh and his host were lost.

Jordan shall stand up like a well;
And the walls of Jericho shall fall.

Your foes shall not before you stand;
And you’ll possess fair Canaan’s land.

O let us all from bondage flee;
And let us all in Christ be free.

We need not always weep and mourn;
And wear these slavery chains forlorn.