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From: "Dave @ Kim Maul"
Performer: Jeanette Williams

Original key of D
Written in A

Get in the Boat
Get in the boat,
Get in the (D)boat
(A)Straighten up and Walk the Narrow(E) way
(A)better read your bible
Be (D)lieve the words he (A) wrote
If you can?t walk on water, than (E)you better get in the boat

A                                                               A7
Jesus gave the blind man back his sight
D                                                 A
Jesus turned the water into wine
D                                          A
We are just his children lost with out his grace
Boys and girls you better get in your place
A                                                                A7
You can bet they  nailed him to the cross
(D  )Jesus  gave his life so we would not be( A ) lost
The( D ) devil stirs up the water So( A ) we must sink or swim
Jesus is the ( E  ) boat, get on ( A ) in.
                       A                               A7
You  know Jesus multiplies the loafs
          D                                                       A
He multiplies the fishes We've been told
D                                             A
Multiplies our blessings  Took away our sins
Jesus is the(  E) boat You Better get  (A) in