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From: "Ernest Johnson"

Words & Music by Richard Cimino @1993 Calvery Chapel MUsic.

Forever My Love

The (E) nails in Your hands
The (C#m) nails is Your feet
They (A) tell me how much You (B) love me
The thorns on Your Brow
(C#m) They tell me how
You (A) bore so much pain to love me

And when the (G#m) heavens pass (A)away
All Your scars will still remain
And for(G#m) ever they will(C#m) say
Just how much you love me


For (E) ever my love, for (C#m)ever my heart
For(A) ever my life is (B) Yours
For(E) ever my love, for(C#m) ever my heart
For(A) ever my life is (B) Yours