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(Editor's note: To play along with the CD put your capo on the first fret)

From: billy
Performer: Garth Brooks (Also by Ken Holloway on "Ordinary Man")
Album: Sevens
Words and music: Jim Rushing and Carl Jackson


Em         Bm           Em
                    His pulpit's a corner on Nineteenth and Main
    A                                       Em
His grip on the Gospel his one claim to fame

He hurls fire and brimstone at the cars passing by
        A                                  Em
and he offers salvation for the Savior on high.
Bm     Em
   His khakis are tattered and he ain't bathed in weeks
    A                                    Em
his bout with the bottle shows up on his cheeks.

He looks like a scarecrow a sight to behold
      A	            E                 B7           E
as he works for the Shepherd bringin' lambs to the fold.
   Bm            A        E
He points to the Bible he holds in his hands
            A                  E         F#m         A
says, " I'm proof that the Good Lord can save any man."

               E                                A                E
CHORUS: Son it ain't what you're drivin' or the clothes that you wear,
                           A         Bb
material possessions won't matter up there.
    E                                     A
And someday in heaven when the angels all sing
       E		            Bb        Bm
these rags that I'm wearin' will be fit for a king.

(Second verse progression same as first)

Verse II:

He's fightin' the fever in spite of the chill,
he pulls up his collar and he speaks God's will.
His body is weakened but his faith is still strong,
for he's filled with conviction for the mission he's on.
He knows soon in heaven He'll be homeless no more,
As his work will soon echo from that far distant shore.

Repeat chorus: