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From: harold bright -
Words and music: Brian Doerksen

Faithful One

D                   Em7/D
 Faithful One, so unchanging
Asus    A              D2      D
Ageless one, you're my Rock of Peace.
Bm9     Bm9/A    GM7     G   Em7
Lord of all, I depend on You,

A 	       D  DM7/F#
 I call out to you,
	GM9/A     G/A D DM7/F#  GM9
	again and again
A       G/A    D   DM7/F#
 I call out to you,
       GM9 A       D
	again and again

   D/F# Bm7 A       G        D
You are my rock in times of trouble,
            A  G           D
You lift me up when I fall down;
     A/D    D    G
all through the storm,
     D/F# G      D/F# G
Your love is the anchor,
   D/F# G  D/A  Asus  A  D
my hope is in   You    alone.