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Music and words of Verses: Grace Marilyn Watkins
Music and words of Chorus: John W. Peterson and Alfred B. Smith

Faith In God Can Move A Mighty Mountain


Have you (E)prayers that seem to be unanswered?
Anxious (B7)moments, trials hard to (E)bear?
Have (A)faith in His promise un(E)failing God will (F#7)hear,
He will answer your (B7)prayer.

(E)Faith in God can move a mighty mountain,
(B7)Faith can calm the troubled (E)sea;
Faith can make a desert like a fountain,
(A)Faith can (F#m)bring the (B7)victo(E)ry.


Are there (E)loved ones yet for whom you're burdened?
Lonely (B7)nights spent bowed in fervent (E)prayer?
God (A)sees ev'ry tear and your (E)heartache,
So just (F#7)cast upon Him all your (B7)care.

[Repeat Chorus]


Then keep (E)faith, although the way be rugged.
Do not (B7)doubt His deep, unfailing (E)love.
Suf(A)ficient each day for the (E)trial
Is His (F#7)promise of grace from a(B7)bove.

[Repeat Chorus]

(A)Faith can (F#m)bring the (B7)victo(E)ry.