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I heard this on a collection album of Don Williams songs.
If you are looking for it try the album "Some Broken Hearts Never Mend".
Performer: Don Williams
Words and music: Joe Allen and Johnny Cash
Transcribed: Guitar Picker -
Fairweather Friends


             C                   F    C
Fairweather friends, fairweather sailors,
               G                  C
Will leave you stranded on lifeís shore.
                           F    C
One good friend who truly loves you
              G               C
Is worth the pain your heart endures.

We never know which way the wind will blow,
Nor when or where the next turmoil will be.
    F                               C
But Heís a solid rock when troubles grow,
         G                             C
And Heís holding out a saving hand for me.

Heíll be a refuge in the storm;
Heíll be a beacon in the night;
In the chilly winds of doubt Heíll keep you warm;
When you canít find your way Heíll be your light