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From: "B. K"
As Played By IIIrd Tyme Out
Transcribed By Brad Kale

Eternity Has Begun

 C               C7
Most any day, a sound will be made
        F         G       C
That's never been heard before.
    F                             C
And when it's made, it will burst open the grave
       D7                              G
Of everyone that went to sleep, in the lone.

And those that remain, in a moment will be changed.
With the brightness of heaven all around.
There'll be praise, there'll be singing
Heaven's bells will be ringing.
When that cloud starts coming down.

        G                     C
On this cloud there'll be our savior,
        G                           C
King of Kings, Lord of Lords, God's son.
       F                 C         Am
Rising up his church, to join him.
   F C          G           C
Oh Hallelujah, eternity has begun.

Now when his glorious church, leaves a simple world
And goes home to the place he's prepared.
Fire and brimstone will reign, on everything that
And the fire will fill the very air.

Oh but those who are saved, will have done left their
Glorified, robed in white, gone home.
Where we'll praise him forever, in a land where night
comes never.
When his glorious church goes home.

(To Chorus)