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From: Jim Carpenter []
Words and music:  Albert E Brumley

Here's the way I do this song:

3/4 time, key of D

Dreaming of a Little Cabin

(D) In dreams of yesterday I wandered,
Back (G) to my little cabin (D) door.
I strolled beside an old rock garden,
And (E) saw familiar scenes once (A) more.
I (D) heard the organ softly playing,
Its (G) music came so sweet and (D) low.
And I heard my mother sweetly singing,
As (A) oft I did so long a (D) go.


(D) I was dreaming of a little cabin,
And I (G) heard somebody call my (D) name.
Looked and saw a sweet old lady,
(E) Seemed I was a child a (A) gain.
She (D) gently put her arms around me,
And (G) kissed her little boy once (D) more.
I know it was the same sweet mother,
That had (A) kissed me many times be(D)fore.

I heard her sing the "Rock of Ages",
And "Silver Threads Among the Gold".
She told me once again of Jesus,
Within that little cabin fold.
She opened up her faded Bible,
Where that family records used to be,
 And I knew it was the same sweet mother,
That years ago had cradled me.


An orphan through this world I wander,
Since mother left the old homestead.
No one to pray for me at twilight,
No place to lay my weary head.
I miss her voice so gently calling,
I miss her precious guiding hand.
But I know that when I reach God's city,
I'll hear her call my name again.