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From: "Garry Adu-Darko"
Performer: Randy Travis
Words and Music: Tony Stampley & Justin Bolen
Album: Inspirational Journey

Doctor Jesus


        D        G       D
You know I've got so many problems
   D                A       A7    D
And lately I've been feelin' kinda down
      D        G   D
I hear Your the one I should talk to
      D             A        D
I hear Your the best healer around


       D  D7          G
Doctor Jesus, will you help me?
    D                  A     A7
Make me better, make me whole
      D  D7        G
Doctor Jesus Lord I need you
           D   A         A7 D
To mend my heart and save my soul


        D      G             D
There's so many out there who need you
      D               A   A7  D
Do you think you could work me in
       D          G     D
You see I'm in the worst of conditions
   D             A        D
But mostly I just need me a friend


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