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Word and music: Roy Turner
From: Guitar Picker -
The Dancing Heart

        E                               A
Oh, the Holy Ghost will set your feet a-dancing
    B7                                     E
The Holy Ghost will thrill you through and through
The Holy Ghost will set your feet a-dancing
    B7                       E
And set your heart a-dancing too

David danced before the Lord
He danced with all his might
His heart was filled with Holy joy
His spirit was so light

Michal through the window looked
To criticise did start
She didn’t know that David
    E        B7   E
Had got a dancing heart

David danced before the Lord
To magnify His name
In God’s almighty presence
He felt no sense of shame
The oil of gladness flowed that day
It quickened every part
He hadn’t only dancing feet
He had a dancing heart

Out of Egypt long ago
The Israelites were fed
By a mighty miracle
They all were kept and fed
Through the Red Sea they were brought
The waters stood apart
And God have sister Miriam
A dance down in her heart

There was a celebration
Upon the Red Sea shore
Timbrels rand, desert sands
Became a dancing floor
The people sang and praised God there
And put a dance of love and joy
A-deep down in their hearts

The prodigal was far away
Wandering out in sin
But he came back to father’s house
And father took him in
He put a robe upon his son
The merriment did start
The prodigal got dancing shoes
To match his dancing heart

The father’s house with music rang
To welcome home the son
Wine was flowing full and free
All misery was gone
The elder brother looking on
Complained it wasn’t fair
He hadn’t got a dancing heart
Like all the other’s there

Now many saints are cold and bound
By unbelief today
They want the blessings of the Lord
But worry what men say
O, let the Lord have full control
From dead traditions part
And He will set you free within
You’ll have a dancing heart

Now in the Bible we can read
That in the latter days
Men would leave their first love
And turn to carnal ways
But trueborn saints of Jesus
For the Bridegroom set apart
Are waiting for His coming
With a joyful, dancing heart