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Words: Matthew Bridges and Godfrey Thring
Music: George Elvey

Crown Him With Many Crowns

C              Am   F
Crown Him with many crowns,

      Em   F        Gs - G
 the Lamb upon His throne

G    C       Am       D       G
Hark how the heavenly anthem drowns

C   G     D       G - G7
All music but its own

C                  F
Awake my soul and sing

   D                G - G7
Of Him who died for Thee

    C        F      Dm7         C
And hail Him as Thy matchless King

        Dm7      Gs  C  Gs
through all eternity.

C             Am      F
Crown Him the Lord of life

     Em       F        Gs - G
Who triumphed o'er the grave

G    C     Am       D       G
And rose victorious in the strife

C    G       D        G - G7
For those He came to save

      C            F
His glories now we sing

    D                 G G7
Who died and rose on high

     C    F       Dm7     C
Who died eternal life to bring

     Dm7        Gs        C
And lives that death may die

C             Am      F
Crown Him the Lord of love,

   Em      F          Gs - G
behold His hands and side

G     C          Am   D  G
Rich wounds yet visible above

C  G       D    G - G7
in beauty glorified

     C             F
All hail redeemer hail

    D                  G - G7
For Thou hast died for me

    C            F      Dm7    C
Thy praise shall never, never fail

      Dm7    Gs - G
Throughout eternity