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Words and music: Ballington Booth
From: Guitar Picker -
The Cross is Not Greater

    E                         B7
The cross that He gave may be heavy
But it ne’er outweighs His grace
The storm that I fear may surround me
         E     B7         E
But it ne’er excludes His face

The cross is not greater than His grace

The storm cannot hide His blessed face
     B7                          E
I am satisfied to know that with Jesus here below
E7    A7      B7    E
I can conquer every foe

The thorns in my path are not sharper
Than composed His crown for me
The cup that I drink not more bitter
Than He drank at Gethsemane


The light of His love shineth brighter
As it falls on paths of woe
The toil of my work groweth lighter
As I stoop to raise the low