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Song by Joel Hemphill


Verse 1: 
{D} Con - sid - er the {D7} lil - ies, they don't {G} toil nor {E7}spin 

But {A7} there's not a king with more {G} splen - dor {A} than {D} them 

{D}Con - sid - er the {D7} spar - row, he does - n't {G] plant nor {E7} sow 

But he's {A7} fed by the Mast - er Who {G} watch - {A} es him {D} grow 


      {D} We have a {D7} heav - en - ly {G} Fath - er a - {E7} bove 

      With {A7} eyes full of mer - cy and a {G} heart {A} full of {D} love 

      He real - ly {D7} cares when your {G} head is bowed {E7} low 

      Con - {A} sid - er the {A7} lil - ies and {G} then {A} you will {D} know 

Verse 2: 
{D} May I in - tro - {D7} duce you to {G} this Friend of {E7} mine 

Who {A7} hangs out the stars and tells the {G} sun {A} when to {D} shine 

And kiss - es the {D7} flow - ers each {G} morn - ing with {E7} dew 

But {A7} He's not too bus - y to {G} care {A} a - bout {D} you!