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[This song is on Leann Rimes' "Inspirational Songs" album also
Capo 3rd fret to play along - Editor]

Words and music: Bill Mack
From: "Jones, WilliamA"

Clinging to a Saving Hand


Inst.    C
C            F                  C
Sing, to me about, the Rock, of Ages, Sing about, eternity, so, sweet~
                               Am     G  F        C        F         C
So, that, when I, take my last breath of life, I awaken at my Savior's feet

   Sing to me, a song, of Praise, and Glory

   And help this wandering child to understand
   that when I close my eyes and sleep E~ter~nal

   I'll be clinging, to a saving, hand


Sing to me about Paul and Mathew, sing about my dear Savior's birth
And tell about his trials and tribulations, While He walked upon this Heathen earth


I'll be clinging, to a saving, hand

Inst out