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Performer: Flatt & Scruggs
Album: Foggy Mountain Gospel

Brother I'm Gettin Ready To Go

[G]The Lord has saved me, I[C]want the world to[G]know,

I'm on my way to glory[D]land

[G]There I'll see Jesus and[C]take Him by the hand,

Brother[G]I'm gettin[D]ready to[G]go


[G]I'm getting ready to go[C]I[G]know, I'm leaving this world here be-[D]-low

[G]Ain't nothing in this world can[C]turn me back I know

Brother[G]I'm getting[D]ready to[G]go

[G]Say there wake up while[C]yet you still have time,

And[G]get in the glory land[D]wave

[G]Jesus will hear you and[C]answer to your call,

Get[G]ready to[D]meet him to[G]day

[G]Brother don't wait un[C]til it is too late,

[G]Jesus might call for you[D]today

[G]It's awful to know when you[C]leave this world below,

If[G]you are not[D]ready to[G]go