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From: Lunarcreek
Performer: The Louvin Brothers
Words and music: Ira Louvin/Charles Louvin)
recorded 9/30/52
Ira Louvin vocals, mandolin
Charlie Louvin vocals, guitar
Chet Atkins electric guitar
Eddie Hill (probably) rhythm guitar
Floyd T. "Lightning" Chance bass


G                        C
That word broadminded is spelled s-i-n
G                                        D
I read in my Bible, they shall not enter in.
G                      C                    G
For Jesus will answer, Depart, I never knew you
                         D           G
That word broadminded is spelled s-i-n

G                           C                G
Some people say they gamble now and then for pleasure
G                                           D
And drink a little whiskey just to please a friend
G                                    C              G
They say it's really nothing, you've got to be broadminded
                         D            G
That word in my Bible is spelled "s-i-n".


That broadminded mother goes out and joins a party
There's nothing wrong in drinking and dancing with a friend
And then on Sunday morning, she'll say she loves her savior
She should be begging God to forgive her of her sin.


[spoken, preached]
For to be carnally minded is death
But to be spiritually minded is life and peace
Because the carnal mind is enmity against God
For it is not subject to the law of God
Neither, indeed, can be.
You'll find your word "broadminded" means sin if you'll read.