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From: "Garry Wamboldt"
Album: I`m A Believer
Written and performed by The Wildwood Valley Boys

Box Seat In Heaven

[G] She`d talk about Jesus [C] while down on her [G] knees

She'd read from the Bible and make us be-[D] lieve

[G] She said if you listen and [C] trust in the [G] Lord

A box seat in heaven [D] shall be your re-[G] ward


A [C] box seat in heaven on the [G] very first row

Reserved for my mother she's up there I [D] know

Taking [G] care of God`s children [C] like they were her [G] own

May God bless my mother, [D] she has a new [G] home

[G] When life's book is opened, and we [C] walk to the [G] stand

I know God will smile when He takes mother`s [D] hand

And if [G] box seats are offered for [C] life`s final [G] game

The first one that`s issued [D] will have mama`s [G] name