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From: Floyd Van De Vere
Writer: John Fowler
Performer: Bob Bennett
Album: First Things First


G                     C
I'd like to write, the song of songs
D                                               G
Convince you all that you should, come along
Em                           Am
But I'll probably never live that long
D                          G
Still Jesus died for you

I sit around and make up, clever lines
And toss them out, as they dance through my mind
A sweeter love than his you'll never find
'cause Jesus died for you

      C                      D
The best thing I can tell you
Is God loves you
I can say that from my heart
I know it's the truth
       C                     D
The best thing I can tell you
           G (run to ) Em
Is God loves you
            C          Em  D
And he sent his only Son
             G        - D
As living proof

Now I can talk all night, 'til I'm blue in the face
Present my argument, and state my case
But I'd rather tell you of, his wonderous grace
'Cause Jesus died for you

Now I can't talk about, theology
Or dabble in some deep, philosophy
'cause it all comes down to what was done, on Calvary
When Jesus died for you


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