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From: Tom Monkman


Written by Tom Monkman (c)  December, 1995

[C] Have you [G7]ever [C]wished, for time to [G7]just stand [C]still
So you could [G7]take [C]forever, and hold it [G7]tight [C7]until
[F]Every dream you've [C]ever dreamed could [E7]finally be [Am]real
[D]Believe me when I tell you, I [D7]know just how you [G7]feel


[C]Believing is [G7]all you have to [C]do [F] [C]
All you need is [A7]right inside of [Dm]you[G7]
It [F]only takes the [C]heart to see
The [E7]Christ awaiting [Am]patiently
To [D]understand and [D7]know that this is [G7]true
[C]Believing is [G7]all you have to [C]do

Growing in the light, surrounded by the grace
Knowing that you're standing in your true and rightful place
Always to remind you, of the One before
Who taught that in believing, you open Heaven's door



Believing beyond this place and time
Miracles flow through an open mind
Peace and Love is everywhere
More than enough for all to share
The Universe is waiting for It's cue
Believing is all you have to do
Believing is all you have to do
Believing is all you have to do