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Words and Music by Daphne Rademaker

Before You Call 
(Isaiah 40:11, 65:24)

G        D             Em
Come to me my people, come
C           G              Am        Dsus D
There's no need to be afraid of your Father
G       D               Em
When I see you I will run
        Am         Dsus         D
I will be there, I will be there

   G                     C
Before you call, I will answer you
       G                      C
While you still speak, I will hear
    Em  D    G            Am7       Em        D
My ears are turned to the cry of my chosen ones
G                  C
In my love you can rest in me
G                   Em   D
For you are my very own
    C                G
So hold on to the hope you have
     Am7               G
That I would draw you to myself
    Am(F)        Am7(C)      Dsus D
For I will never leave you alone

D        G      C         D            G          C
I will not forget you, I gather my lambs in my arms
           G               Am         Am7            Dsus D
So I will comfort you and carry you close to my heart

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