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Words: Isaac Watts
Music: Ralph C Hudson
From: Guitar Picker -
At the Cross

(C) Alas, and did my saviour bleed,
And (F) did my Sovereign (G) die?
Would (C) He devote that sacred head,
For (G) sinners such as (C) I? (F) (C)

At the (C) cross, at the cross,
Where I (G) first saw the light.
And the burden of my heart rolled (C) away. (C7)
It was (F) there by faith I re(C)ceived my sight,
And (G) now I am happy all the (C) day. (F) (C)

But (C) drops of grief can n'er repay,
The (F) debt of love I (G) owe.
Here (C) Lord I give myself away.
'Tis (G) all that I can do. (F) (C)