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Words and Music by Kevin Prosch 

Army of God

E                     A               F#m7         Bsus      E
We are the army of God, sons of Abraham, we are a chosen generation
Under a covenant, washed by his precious blood
F#m7             Bsus  B     E
Filled with the mighty Holy Ghost

       A        E            A      E
And I hear the sound of the coming rain
       A         E            F#m7    Bsus B
as we sing the praise to the Great I Am
         A        E               A         E
And the sick are healed, and the dead will rise
           A    G#m    F#m7          Bsus      B
And your church is the army that was prophesied

      Esus   E     Esus E
Your church is the army (4x)

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