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Words and Music by Kelly Carpenter

Arise Oh Lord

Em       D
Hear us Lord
Em      D              C   G  C   G
Hear us now, Lord have mercy
Em        D
Hear our prayer
Em        D         C  G  C  G
Hear our cry for revival

Release your power
 C                           Em D C G
Break our chains, set us free
Let us feel
      C                    Em D
Your joy again, set us free
 C   G      Am    D7sus
Lord, come heal us

     G C      D Em
Arise, oh Lord
G       C        D   G
Demonstrate your power
     G C      D Em
Arise, oh Lord
G       C        D  Em  D
Demonstrate your power
C       G        Dsus D C  (G)
Demonstrate your pow - er