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From: Guitar Picker -
Angel Band

(E) (A) My latest sun is (D) sinking (A) fast,
My race is (E) nearly (A) run.
My strongest trials (D) now are (A) past,
My triumph (E) has be(A)gun.

(E7) Oh, come, (A) angel band,
(E) Come and a(A)round me stand,
Oh, (D) bear me away on your (A) snow white wings,
To my im(E7)mortal (A) home.

Oh bear my longing heart to Him,
Who bled and died for me.
Whose blood now cleanses from all sin,
And gives me victory.


I know I'm near the holy ranks,
Of friends and kindred dear.
I've brushed the dew on Jordan's banks,
The crossing must be near.


I've almost gained my Heavenly home,
My spirit loudly sings.
The Holy ones, behold they come,
I hear the noise of wings.