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This is the song as Gillian performed it on a televised appearance at the
Grand Old Opry.
Words and Music: Gillian Welch/David Rawlings
Album: Revival (1996)
Performer: Gillian Welch
Transcribed: Guitar Picker -

Capo 5th fret

(Em) We lease twenty acres and (C) one Ginny mule
(B7) From the Alabama (Em) trust.
For half of the cotton and a (C) third of the corn
(B7) We get a handful of (Em) dust.

We (C) cannot have all things to (G) please us,
No (D) matter how we (Em) try.
Until (C) we've all gone to (G) Jesus,
We can (D) only wonder (Em) why.  (D) (Em)

I had a daughter, called her Annabelle,
She's the apple of my eye.
Tried to give her something like I've never had,
Didn't ever want to hear her cry.

Inst. Break: Em, C, G, D  (x3)

When I'm dead and buried I'll take a hard life of tears,
From every day I've ever known.
Anna's in the churchyard, she's got no life at all,
She's only got these words on a stone.