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Words and music: C. Austin Miles


Have you (C)ever tried to (F)bear (C)your (F6)burdens
All a(G)lone, (G7)all a(C)lone?
Don't you (C)know there's One Who (F)waits (C)to (F6)help you,
Who can (D7)make all those burdens His (G7)Own?

(G7)When (G6)I (Gdim)have (G7)burdens (Gdim)to (G7)bear (G6)which (C)no one can share,
I (F)take them to (C)Jesus, the (D7)Man of Calva(G7)ry.
(G7)When (G6)I (Gdim)have (G7)crosses (Gdim)to (G7)bear, (G6)my (C)Savior is there.
He (F)always takes that (C)heavy (F)end,
And (C)leaves the (G7)light to (C)me.

Don’t you know He trod the winepress for you?
All alone? All alone?
And the burden that He bore in meekness,
Such a burden no other has known.


Don’t you know that He has bought your pardon
All alone? All alone?
And your gratitude for such a mercy
Unto Jesus you never have shown.