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From: "Chuck Haynie"
Performer: Grandpa Jones
Live Performance

Air, Sunshine and Rain

[G] So you think you paid the baker for the bread you [C] ate to [G] day
And you think you paid the miller for the [D] grain
But no [G] body paid the maker for the things that [C] made it [G] grow
Like the air and the [D] sunshine and the [G] rain.

Now you don't [C] grumble when you pay your room and [G] board
When the land Lord comes around you don't com [D] plain
So the [G] least you can do is thank the [C] Lord
For the [G] air and the [D] sunshine and the [G] rain.

As you travel down the highway in a bright and shiny car
Makes no difference if it's Cadillac or Ford
You must pay for oil and gasoline but air and water's free
Don't you think that you should pause and thank the Lord.


You can be the poorest hobo or the richest man in town
But the things that really count you get your share.
For a man with lots of money sometimes can't afford a smile
While the hobo is a sunshine millionaire.

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