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From: "Roger Asselin"
Words and music: Jim Reeves


(D)I had lived a life of sin in this world were living in
I had (A)done forbidden things I shouldn't (D)do
I met a beggar along the way, and I asked him where to stay
Where I'd (A) find real happiness and love that's (D) true

(D) Just follow footsteps of the King and you'll hear the voices sing
They'll be (A) singing out the glory of the (A) Lamb
The river of Jordan will be near, the sound of trumpets you will hear
You'll be(A)hold the sweetest voice ever known to (D) man

(D) Many in this worldly throng traveling in the paths of wrong
Never (A) stop to pray and find the Savior (D) true
There's a grand and glorious place where we'll meet Him face to face
In a (A) happy land beyond the starry (D) blue


(D) Across the bridge, there's no more sorrow
Across the bridge, theres' no more (A) pain
The Son will (A) shine across the (G) river
And you'll ne(D)ver be un(A)happy a(D)gain