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Album: GOD
Performer: Rebecca St. James
Words and music: Rebecca St. James, Tedd T. & Otto Price

Abba (Father)

(CAPO 1st Fret - If you want to play it in the same key as the CD)

Intro: (Bag pipes) D G D G D G D G Bm G Em Bm G Em
Bm     G              Em
I'm feeling like the eagle that rises
Bm     G          Em
Flies above the earth and it's troubles
Bm         G                      Em
Oh yes it knows that there are valleys below
      Bm        G               Em
But under his wings there's a stronger power

G    Em                   C
Oh Father-You are my strength
    Bb     A
On you I wait upon

D                       G
You make the road rise up to meet me
D                       G
You make the sunshine warm upon my face
D                  G
The wind is at my back & the rain falls soft
D                    G
God I lift you high-You are my Abba

Bm   G           Em
Running in this race to the finish line
Bm         G      Em
The only road for me is the narrow
Bm         G            Em
Not gonna stop or even look to the side
        Bm     G         Em
When I fix my eyes upon You Jesus

G    Em                         C
Oh Father (Abba)-You are my strength
Bb             A
Now more than ever


Bm                   Em
When you've run too far-and the road is long
Bm                  Em
Can't walk another mile-He is waiting
Bm            Em
Hope in Him again-He'll renew you
      G               Bb             A              D
Then you will rise, gather up your wings and fly...

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