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Jones, WilliamA
Performer: Ben & Sonya Issacs

A Portion of Love

Turn around = G Em G A D

D A D G Em G A D , D G A - D G A D,  D G A - D G A D   G A D G A G D

    D          Response
    Oh, Lord,~ I Humbly come to you in Prayer,
                  A	             D                      Response G
    For Those who need a special touch to know you care, Send an Angel~
           Em	                         G           A               D
    with a blessing from above, sprinkle them with a portion of your love

          D                  G	                 A                       D
There are Christians who are discouraged, broken hearts to often now are found.
                       G                A                           D
So I'm praying to you, Jesus mend their broken hearts and keep them heaven bound.


Break = Chorus chords, - mando
             D                   G                 A
Help me know Lord, when your are calling, lay a burden on my heart for those who
                             G	               A                       D
For I am willing to pray for others, for in my weakness, I know others pray for me.


Break chorus chords - banjo

             G	                A    G       D        G A G D
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