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Words and music: Unknown Craig Bennett

A Long Time Ago

Into: E A E A

A long time ago, there was a man
    A                    E
Who laid his life on the line

He claimed he could make the lame walk again
    B7            C#m          B7
And give back the sight to the blind
Now some people loved him
G#                    A                     E
Some people wanted to take him and put him away
Well I wasn't there to see what he did
       A                   B7
But if he was right here today...

        E                        A
I would crawl all the way to the river
        E                        A
I would crawl all the way to the sea
        E                      C#m
Just to watch him walk on the water
    E       B7              E
And lay his loving hands on me.

(Optional guitar solo: A7 E A7)

A carpenter by trade, but the kingdom that he made
Was built without hammer and nail
It stands like a rock though the ages of time
It was built with a love that never fails
I read in the good book that some day he's coming
And some say it ain't far away
On the day that he stands on the banks of the Jordan
I know I will be on my way